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Ceratonic Mat by Ceragem

Ceratonic Mat by Ceragem

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The mat is made from SUEDE fabric, it is soft and comfortable. It is adapted to use at home, does not require special skills. It can be used by both adults and children.  Heat Mat creates the effect of sauna  at the maximum temperature . Longwave infrared radiation increases blood and lymph circulation, promotes the elimination of toxins (by sweating), improves metabolism and weight loss. Longwave infrared therapy is an effective means of strengthening the immune system and improving the respiratory system.  Balls of yellow clay to absorb odors and eliminate bacteria. 


The advantages:

- The Mat is made from natural materials and SUEDE FABRIC  that are pleasant to the touch, the Mat is easy and simple to clean.

The Mat does not emit electromagnetic waves, as its heating elements are securely isolated.

- The Mat is made of high quality materials, in a calm color scheme.

- The Mat is protected from the possibility of fire, it automatically turns off after 12 hours of operation, 


Ceratonic is unique  composition. It made from natural mineral jade 40%, yellow clay 40% and unique patented Ceragem composition 20%. Ceratonic ceramic mixture is subjected to firing in a furnace at a temperature of 1200°C. Ceratonic ceramic  maintains a surprising density and strength. When heated Ceratonic ceramic intensively emits longwave infrared heat, similar to the natural thermal radiation of the human body. 

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