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"Killing Cancer - Not People" (3rd Edition) by Robert Wright, Director of the American Anti-Cancer Institute

"Killing Cancer - Not People" (3rd Edition) by Robert Wright, Director of the American Anti-Cancer Institute

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"KILLING CANCER - NOT PEOPLE" book is about what Cancer really is, how to prevent it and how to heal it.  This is your Cancer bible.

About the book:
• Read meticulously documented Truth about the AACI Cancer Paradigm and what it means for you and your family.
• Be amazed by doctors and medical professionals who know this Truth – some want you to know it, and some don't. Learn why.
• Learn what you absolutely must do and stop doing if you have cancer right now, and what you must do for cancer prevention.
• Understand detoxification and the cancer diet in plain English.
• Read dozens of testimonials from those who have suffered with many types of cancer and have struggled with conventional medicine. Discover what they did that put their disease into remission.
• Learn the five-step protocol that is essentially all that cancer patients really need.

CHAPTER 4 "The Cancer Diet: Oxygen Rich and Alkaline".

CHAPTER 6 "Step Three of The Cancer Diet: Restructured, Ionized Water Could Save Your Life"

** What those who were impacted from this book are saying: **

“Robert Wright has done it again, surpassing all expectations. The revised fourth edition of Killing Cancer–Not People contains indisputable breakthrough material on the cutting edge of scientific advancement in oncology.” — Maureen Howard Long, Owner, Holy Grail Cancer Care

“If I had to choose one book that would teach me how to prevent and heal chronic disease it would be Bob Wright’s Killing Cancer–Not People. When you read it, open not just your conscious, left brain mind, but your heart mind. The truth shall set you free – from disease.” — Brian LeCompte, MD

“I talk to people with cancer every day. At our pharmacy, we strive to inform and educate our clients regarding alternative cancer treatments and supplements. Most people don’t know what to do or where to start. I suggest, ‘Killing Cancer – Not People,’ as the best place to start. The book is easily understood and gets to the point with the truth about cancer and how to heal it. I consider it my cancer Bible. I use the book in our Tuesday health lectures and our Wednesday night water lectures. This book is exactly what I needed to help spread the word that there are natural ways to heal cancer.” - Barbara Hubbard, Town Center Compounding Pharmacy

“Whether you are trying to prevent cancer or beat it, in this book Robert Wright delivers both the testimonial evidence and the factual proof that shows you can win the cancer battle – but you’ve got to be willing to FIGHT in order to WIN any battle in life! Through the testimonials herein, you’ll find some amazing stories of ‘miraculous’ healing of cancer that were the direct result of unleashing the body’s natural healing capabilities....You hold in your hands the most powerful book ever written to prevent, treat, heal, and beat this disease” - Bill Powers, Texas, Stage IV Victor

“After four months of following the 5-Step AACI Protocols, the tumors were diagnosed as ‘gone’ – by the same doctor who had diagnosed, my son, Kenny with brain cancer – through an MRI scan report dated July 12, 2016. Doctors kept saying it was a miracle. Of 10,000 previous cases, this is the only one where the patient was totally cleared of tumors WITHOUT any medical treatment. We are so happy and grateful to Bob Wright of the AACI/IWARC for this ‘miracle’ of natural healing and their prayers. Without reading this book and support from the AACI/ IWARC, my son would have ended up taking chemotherapy. We cannot imagine what would have happened next!” - Dennis Kong, Sibu

"Bob give you here a fabulous 'User's Manual' for your body. He says he's giving you 'the truth' and he's right. I've read dozens of books on healing cancer using natural substances - the why and how. This is the best. I've written and published 3 three such books myself. This is the best Bar none." — Bill Henderson, Author of "Cancer Free"

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