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Ion Faucet

In-line Diverter (Reversed)

In-line Diverter (Reversed)

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Metal inline diverter to attach your Kangen water ionizer to a pull-out or pull-down faucet. We are pleased to introduce the high polished chrome Reversed Inline Diverters from IonFaucet. Simply unscrew the sprayer head, screw in the Inline Diverter and screw the sprayer head back on... it's that easy! 

Water can only flow through the diverter valves in one direction Female to Male for the Reversed Inline Diverter. If the diverter pin does not remain out when the faucet is on full pressure, this means the incorrect diverter has been installed.  

NOTE: The Reversed Inline Diverter will have a lined carving all around the circumference near the female end. (See faucet diagrams).

Unsure of what size you need?
Take your faucet sprayer head to a local hardware store to find the exact thread size.

If the thread is smaller than 1/2" NPT, conversion adapters are recommended for an additional $19 CDN. Available sizes are in 3/8" NPT and M16 x 1.5 metric thread.

*The Inline Diverters is compatible with most faucet brands sold now. We do not guarantee nor give any assurance that this product is right for your faucet. By purchasing this product, you hereby agree to these terms and conditions and cannot hold us responsible.

**Contact us for installation options.

***Shipping for returns are paid by the customer.

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