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Ion Faucet

Ionizer Faucet 04 (Black Matte Finish)

Ionizer Faucet 04 (Black Matte Finish)

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Features a brand new custom faucet design. The lead-free Ionizer Faucet 04 offers the ability to install the water ionizer underneath the sink. Also features the custom movable drain spout recovery system. This spout can be mounted on either side of the faucet, for either right or left side counter installation. The spout can also be used in the upright position when filling large containers or when not in use.

Kit Includes:

  • Instruction Manual
  • Universal Tee Adapter 1/2"NPT and 3/8 Comp.
  • Quick Connect
  • Conversion Tube
  • Faucet Connector
  • Faucet Base
  • Faucet Washer
  • Rubber Plug Acid Spout


Width:  4-1/4"

Height: 12"

Spout Length: 4"

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