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*NEW* Ceragem V6 - Thermal Therapeutic Massager w/ Leg Compression Sleeves

*NEW* Ceragem V6 - Thermal Therapeutic Massager w/ Leg Compression Sleeves

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The Ceragem V6 is the 5th generation and most comprehensive total body thermal therapeutic automatic massager with leg compression now available in Canada!

New features included:

- Leg compression sleeves for circulation

- Abdominal Thermal Massager 

- Individual Roller Sensor for more precise scan

- User body shape scanning for a customized experience

- 17 Pre-programmed massage modes

- Master mode choose the vertebrae or area of massage for targeted relief

- Adjustable massage intensity 9 step strength control

- Powerful, thermal massage up to 149 F

- Heated projector up to 140 F

Comprehensive Spinal Care Management

The V6 provides an all-in-one method to soothe and care for your back and spine. Replacing other devices and the need to visit back specialists regularly.  Complement

The Ceragem's principle was to target the spine for a combination of gentle decompression, far infrared heat, acupression/moxibustion and muscle massage. Results varied but thousands of people purchased their own unit for at-home use because of the improvements experience!

* 1 Year Warranty

** Delivery/Installation fee $150 not included.

***Shipping out not included.

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