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Ceragem Kangen

TO RENT: Ceragem V3 Thermal Therapuetic Massager

TO RENT: Ceragem V3 Thermal Therapuetic Massager

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Want to TRY the CERAGEM V3 daily without the obligation to BUY it? 

Rent the Ceragem V3 automatic, spinal scanning, far infrared, hot stone therapeutic massager for the home for the best healthcare tool in your home!

CERAGEM V3 Automated Thermal Massagers will tune up your fundamental body systems (spine, muscles, and circulatory systems)

The development of the V3 Massage System comes from a background of alternative medicine in order to maximize the effectiveness of the human immune system. It has also been designed to satisfy the needs of people of all ages (auto-fitting feature, adjustable massage intensity, a variety of massage programs, sound therapy, takes up minimal space).

ONLY in the Greater Toronto Area!

* Delivery/Installation is not included.  One time fee. $65 fee. 

** Up to 3 months.

*** Special promotion includes rental cost reimbursements. 

 Contact us to book. Get more details and availability.  

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