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Ceragem Kangen

TO RENT: Ceragem V4 Thermal Therapuetic Massager

TO RENT: Ceragem V4 Thermal Therapuetic Massager

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Want to USE Ceragem V4 at home without the obligation to BUY it? 

Rent the NEW Ceragem V4 Thermal Therapeutic Massager for $299 per month. 

Includes abdominal infrared massager.

Use it daily for best results!  Every Ceragem session combines Eastern & Western modalities for the best body treatment at home.  40-60mins use includes gentle spinal decompression, muscle massage, acupressure (shiatsu), moxibustion and far infrared light/heat.  

Are you a healthcare practitioner interested in offering Ceragem in your practice?

* Delivery and Installation fees may apply.

Contact us for details.

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